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Amparo Trial

The Amparo Trial is the most effective way to protect the rights  and interests of individuals and corporations before the acts of different authorities, such as: administrative acts of federal, state and municipal authorities; jurisdictional and legislative acts or laws.

At Lextratega we have specialists in the field of amparo trail, to offer our clients a comprehensive defense of their assets, interests and rights. In all cases, Lextratega offers:

  • Advising
  • Orientation
  • Counseling
  • Support
  • Litigation

Corporate Law

In Lextratega we represent companies in a professional manner, and contribute to the growth of the same developing decision making and corporate strategies from a legal point of view, therefrom we offer, among others, the following services:

  • Planning of corporate structures
  • Ordinary and extraordinary meetings
  • Corporate registrations
  • Agreements between partners and/or shareholders
  • Procedures in the purchase and sale of shares
  • Strategic planning of mergers and acquisitions
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • Increase or decrease of capital stock
  • Capitalization of assets or liabilities
  • Advice on strategic decision making
  • Joint ventures
  • Corporate crime and liability prevention strategies

Civil and comercial Law

  • Elaboration of litigation strategies
  • Advice and representation in all types of oral, summary, ordinary and executive civil and commercial trials before local and federal authorities.
  • Review and drafting of all types of contracts and agreements: Purchase, promissory, exchange, donation, usufruct, lease, mortgage, among others.
  • Advice and analysis in granting and recovery of credits.
  • Easements
  • Among others.

Tax and administrative Law

We advise our clients from the beginning of any procedure established by administrative or tax authorities, representing them in order to safeguard their economic interests through a global strategy. In these matters we provide the following services:

  • Advice and attention in the exercise of verification powers of the tax or administrative authority.
  • Promotion of means of defense against tax credits such as administrative appeals, contentious-administrative trials before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice.
  • Promotion of administrative sanctioning procedures
  • Representation and defense in trails of patrimonial responsibility of the State.
  • Management of procedures before any federal, state and municipal authority.
  • Licensing and concession procedures

Real Estate

Consulting and representation in negotiations related to the purchase, sale, lease, constitution of condominium regime of real estate housing and commercial projects, maintaining the legal and administrative aspects of each operation to ensure the success of the project.

Labor and social security

  • Preventive consulting and negotiation
  • Attention to inspections by labor, social security and social welfare authorities.
  • Drafting of labor and administrative documentation
  • Audits and litigation risk reduction
  • Attention to labor-management agreements
  • Intervention in settlements and agreements
  • Manuals
  • Representation in individual and collective litigation
  • Representation in administrative proceedings before social security and housing authorities.

Negotiation and mediation

Through our expert lawyers, we offer services of Management, Conciliation and Mediation of conflicts in Commercial, Family and Civil Law, by means of alternative mechanisms of dispute settlement, in which the dialogue and understanding between the parties is privileged, looking for an agreement that ends the differences before a Notary Public, or if applicable, judicially approved, having full legal effectiveness, such as a court order.

The judicial proceedings by means of a lawsuit or any other procedural procedure, will be the last alternative.

In our firm we have professionals who use specialized tools that facilitate the coincidence between the parties, building bridges of effective communication, thus establishing a simple and flexible procedure consisting of the following stages:

  • Preliminary acts: Request for service, identification and determination if the conflict can be conciliated and the invitation to the other party;
  • Preliminary meeting: Orientation to the parties and preparation of the meeting, informing the role of the facilitator lawyer, informing people about the procedure;
  • Initial joint meeting (Listening and communication): Initial presentation, dialogue of the parties and preparation of the agenda;
  • Identification of problems: Redefining the conflict, giving a new definition of the conflict, but, from the basis of people's interests;
  • Negotiation: The parties are encouraged to generate options for the solution of their conflict;
  • Closing: Moment in which the conciliation is closed with the result of the agreement;
  • Follow-up: Evaluating the agreements, identifying the information that allows measuring the effectiveness of the agreement and adapting to new circumstances.

Mining Law

  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts to obtain ownership of mining concessions.
  • Drafting of contracts to obtain possession and/or ownership of land for mining purposes, both with private individuals and ejido property.
  • Procedures for obtaining environmental impact statements, technical studies and land use changes.
  • Proceedings to obtain permits for extraordinary explosives and extraordinary explosives permits
  • Execution of minutes of ejido assemblies in order to enter into contracts on the ejido surface for mining use.
  • Due Diligence of mining projects, review of each of the legal obligations on mining concessions.
  • Advice and support to mining companies for the acquisition of financing for mining operations with both private and public banks.

Intellectual Property

  • Advice and representation in intellectual property matters such as registration of commercial names, patents, and licenses.
  • Litigation and representation in administrative proceedings.
  • Protection of confidential information and personal data.
  • Advice, negotiations and implementation of franchises.

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